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Swimming Pool Pumps

Welcome to our Swimming Pool Pumps page

Here you'll find a terrific range of pumps for your swimming pool to suit a variety of specific needs and budgets. If you already know the particular swimming pool pump brand that you're after then just click through to the appropriate link below the text! For those wanting a bit more information about the type of pump needed to meet specific requirements, and also the range of pumps we sell, then read on. We've got it covered.

Which pump do I need?

Due to the layout of pipe connections and bolt fixing points, the majority of people only need to replace their existing swimming pool pump with the same model as these will be the same as your original pump and make for an incredibly easy swap over! The alternative, however, is obviously to go for a different pump. This involves more work in connecting it to the exisiting set up, but on the whole isn't an enormous job but will still probably require the purchase of some pipe work.

If your old swimming pool pump was, for instance, a half Horse Power then you should replace it with the same rating, but if you plan to add things like solar matting or solar pods (and have these located on a garage roof or outbuilding) then a more powerful swimming pool pump is generally greatly recommended. It's also worth noting that some automatic swimming pool cleaners won't work on low power pumps.

Which brand is best suited to my budget?

For proven, reliable quality from the higher end of the market, then Sta-Rite and Astral are definitely the swimming pool pump brand to go for. Those in the market for something a little cheaper with similar quality assurance will do well to opt for Certikin's swimming pool pumps, whilst customers looking for more of a budget swimming pool pump needn't look any further than Mega-Pump and Hayward who offer some of the lowest prices on the market.

For more information on finding the right swimming pool pump to meet your needs, make an order or even just to get some general advice regarding them, then don't hesitate to contact us on: 0151 334 0222.

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