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Welcome to the Jacksons Leisure Supplies range of UK made swimming pool liners


Welcome to our range of swimming pool liners. In this section you will find our range of swimming pool liners including; In Ground Swimming Pool Liners, Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners & Doughboy Swimming Pool Liners. Our swimming pool liners are manufactured to the highest standards using PVC that is impregnated with algicide. Our swimming pool liners are suitable for maximum running temperatures of up to 29°C. To browse our range of swimming pool liners please click the links on the left or the links below.

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Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners
Doughboy swimming pool liners


These Liners are made in England


Information about Swimming Pool Liners

  • These pool liners are designed for use in domestic swimming pools with normal bathing loads
  • 29°C maximum running temperature
  • Swimming pool liners come with a five year pro-rata guarantee
  • These swimming pool liners are made from a material that is impregnated with algicide
  • Patterned material has a protective lacquer coating
  • Tilebands are triple coated with lacquer to help prevent staining at the water line
  • Swimming pool liner samples are available on request. Call to check availability.


Points common to all Domestic Swimming Pool Liners:

  • To help prevent microbial attack or staining of the liner treat the underside with algicide/fungicide.
  • Ensure the surfaces you are installing the liner on are compatible with PVC materials.
  • Do not install in temperatures less than 10°C as the material will become stiff and difficult to fit.
  • Due to the material being flexible during the printing and cutting processes, patterns may not match along the weld lines or cut edges. Make sure the end customer is aware, as aesthetic finish is not accepted as a warranty issue.
  • One or two vertical welded joins in the wall are unavoidable and placed at our discression unless instructed at time of order.
  • Patterned materials may show a thin white line along the weld edge. This is unavoidable due to the white base material flowing during the weld process and is a normal part of a good weld. This is not accepted as a warranty issue.
  • Swimming pool liner colours shown in print may vary slightly from materials received. Every effort is made to match patterned material colours but these naturally vary, even within the same batch.
  • Swimming pool liners requiring complex drawing or manufacturing may be subject to additional lead time (five days maximum).