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Above ground swimming pools

Welcome to our range of above ground swimming pools. These are the ideal solution for those who don't want the work load and the larger costs of building an in ground pool. We've been selling above ground swimming pools for over 20 years and have a selection of hand picked brands which are well made, proven to last and at great prices! Just call us with any questions regarding any of the above ground pools below.

Can I sink an above ground swimming pool?

Yes but ideally not, other swimming pool kits are available but the option to sink an above ground pool is there, you just have to be careful! Most swimming pool suppliers will not cover warranty issues if the pool is sunk, however at the time of writing this Doughboy will honor the warranty providing sinking is done according to their strict guidelines. There is plenty of information on the web regarding sinking or partially sinking an above ground swimming pool and we can give you guidance if you want to call, a partially sunk pool is often a nice compromise.

Steel sided:

We offer three types of steel sided pools which comprise of Doughboy pools which have been manufactured in the US for over 60 years and have more than stood the test of time, also these are one of the most popular and best selling in the UK. We also offer the Vogue Discovery & Vogue Impact which are a made in Canada, using the highest standard of components to produce these stunning pools. We also supply the Vogue Teakwood which we find to be a great alternative for those customers looking for a timber effect at a steel pool price.

Timber Above Ground Swimming Pools:

We only offer two types of wooden pools the Gardi timber pool and the Premium wooden pool, both made to very high standards and can be sunk or partially sunk subject to consultation. This with the timber frame/body will blend in much better with your gardens natural surroundings for a fantastic result for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.


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