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Welcome to our disabled pool hoists page where you’ll find a range of lifts and accessories to suit all needs to place people with disabilities in and out of the pool safely.

Which disabled lift is right for me?

Over the years we have found the PAL portable pool lift to be the most suitable as this hoist doesn’t require anchor sockets to be inserted into the ground. The PAL is completely independent and easy to use making this particular disabled hoist ideal for both commercial pools i.e. Council swimming baths as well as domestic use. If you don’t require a portable hoist we also supply the Splash hoist can still be moved to different locations around the poolside but will require anchor sockets around the poolside.

Are there any restrictions on the hoists?

Normally there can be areas of the swimming pool where you may have a small wall or a complete perimeter wall around the poolside. These scenarios can easily be solved by attaching a different lifting arms to the hoist; also the higher lifting arms can be used for customers who need to access a spa or an above ground pool. What ever your situation we always recommend a phone call to us and one of our tech guys will happily help with your enquiry.


Pal portable pool hoist
bluone mobile pool lift


The Splash Swimming Pool Hoist
Static Swimming Pool Lift