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Fibre optics lights lighting kits for the home indoors and outdoors UK

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Fibre optic light kits, how do they work and are they easy to install?

Fibre optic light kits are essentially very basic. A kit comprises of a light source and tails, the light source is a box with a hole in it and the lamp light shines through the hole, its that simple. The tails come in a bundle and are help together by a metal ring at one end, this metal ring end fits into the hole in the light source, turn the light source on and the light travels down the tails. There is no electricity in the tails the lights UV and IR rays are eliminated. Colour changes are achieved by a rotating colour wheel located in front of the lamp. The fibre optic lighting pack come complete with everything required for installation and easy to follow instructions, but the waterproof enclosure (for outdoors) does require slight adaptation to feed the cables through. The important point regarding installation is were to locate the light source. The most common kit we sell is the star ceiling kit, in many cases the star kit is to be fitted into a bedroom. This means the light source can usually be located in the loft above the bedroom, this in turn means that if the bulb fails then you can easily get access to the light source and change it. If you're not installing in a bedroom then you may find that it becomes difficult to locate a place for the star lighting source, if this is the case just give us a call, we'll have some options we can advise you on. Should you require any further information please contact us on 0151 334 0222.

Should I use an electrician?

We'd recommend yes at least for wiring part of the plan, as far as the installing the fibre optic tails then you can do this yourself if you want to save money, as previously stated the the tails do not have any electricity passing through them. Many electricians are not familiar with installing fibre optic lighting kits so if you were thinking of asking one to do the complete job first check they have had experience. Also nearly all of the lighting kits we supply come with 1 or 2 13 amp plugs fitted, it doesn't follow that you'll be using this to power your fibre optic lighting set up, ideally you'll want a to be able to turn your fibre optic lighting on using a switch on the wall like any other light, this is were the electrician is recommended.

Fibre optic star ceiling kit in a restaraunt

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Star ceiling lighting/lights

Fibre optic star ceiling kit in swimming pool setting
Fibre optic star ceiling kit in a childs bedroom
Fibre optic star ceiling kit in an office meeting room
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Fibre optic lighting sensory kits

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Paver lighting/lights

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Fibre optic Deck Kit lighting/lights

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New to our range Fibre optic chandeliers


Fibre optic kit light source

1. The light source which houses the lamp, transformer and colour wheel. This box is wired to 240V power supply and must be placed in waterproof conditions or in a special IP box, which is provided with kits.

Fibre optic harness bundle

2. The harness is the bundle of tails which are end lit.

Fibre optic end light harness

3. These end lighting harnesses have end fittings suitable for fitting into wooden decking, concrete, steps and paving