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Swimming Pool Cleaners

Welcome to our swimming pool cleaners page. This section of our store contains a number of vacuums to suit all pool sizes and budgets. There is nothing more appealing in the summer than a crystal clear pool so it is essential to maintain your pool to a high standard. To do this a pool cleaner along with your chemicals and filter will give you that goal!

Which pool cleaner do I choose?

The most common cleaner pool owners have is a suction cleaner which would normally connect to your skimmer inlet. All these cleaners work in pretty much the same way, we stock most cleaners including the highly popular Barracuda Super G, Barracuda G2 and the Hayward navigator. All these cleaners are top quality and proven to last! We recommend a minimum of ¾ HP pumps to run these cleaners (Not recommended for Intex pools, Bestway etc.)

There are a number of other different cleaners which can leave new swimming pool owners totally stumped as to which one to pick. We always recommend a phone call to us and one of our tech guys who can advise you and help you decide.


E-Vac Electronic Swimming Pool Cleaners


Hayward Navigator Swimming pool Cleaner