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Swimming pool Heaters

Welcome to our range of swimming pool heaters and boilers. Here’s at Jacksons we have over fifteen years of pool heating experience and are more than help customers decide which means of heating is right for them.

Which swimming pool heater is right for me?

As you can see there are many ways to heat your pool. Many of our customers are just replacing a like for like heater or boiler so this a pretty straight forward swap over usually. Many customers may have just moved into a new property and find themselves at a loss as to where to start if this is there first pool. We recommend a phone call to run through the options, we won’t give you sales nonsense, we’ll just talk you though the heaters options (0151 334 0222)

Types of heaters:

Briefly your options are Elecro electric heaters which are a good choice for above ground swimming pools and smaller in ground pools, these can be easily installed but just remember if you go above 3kw you will heed a electrician to wire it up for you, also you need to have a pump that's supplying a good flow of water, if not the heater's "flow switch" will cause the heater to turn off. We also supply heat pumps which are also electric but only use generally 1/5 of the energy as a standard electric heater, which of course in principle sounds like the obvious choice, the downside is the cost of the heater to begin with, this can be 5 times more than a regular electric pool heater. Its something you have to weigh up, you will eventually recuperate the cost with the savings you make. One other possible downside is a heat pump only works during the summer months which in most cases is not an issue, but may be if the pool is indoors. You can further cut costs by using or incorporting solar matting or solar pods into you heating plan.

Whichever pool heater you decide to go for it is paramount that you invest in a solar cover these retain heat when the pool is not in use and add to the heat during the day.


Elecro swimming pool heaters
Vulcan Titanium Swimming Pool Heaters

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