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Laars Swimming Pool Gas Heaters (Zodiac Legacy LRZ Boiler) UK


Swimming pool heaters will greatly increase the amount of time you can comfortably enjoy your pool. Laars Jandy Heaters can be fitted to both new and existing pools. If you intend to place the Gas Teledyne Laars swimming pool heater indoors, please ask for guidance, as extra components will be necessary.

Laars swimming pool boilers - Reliability Means Comfort
Jandy swimming pool boilers, Lightweight, high performance insulation materials make a swimming pool heater that is clearly "The best value for your money"

Laars swimming pool heaters are built for dependability and efficiency. At the heart of its efficiency is an ingenious combustion chamber, surrounded by a super-efficient ceramic fiber that works better than any other insulation material.


Laars Jandy Lite Swimming Pool Boilers have now been replaced by the Zodiac Legacy LRZ range of boilers;

What does this mean if I want to replace an old Laars boiler?

In September 2010 Zodiac Pool Care merged with and into Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. (formerly Jandy Pool Products). The Laars Jandy range has now been superceded by the LRZ range which are still manufactured in the same factory. Without getting too complicated if you want a replacement for your LAARS boiler then you'll want a Zodiac Legacy LRZ, the spec and build quality is pretty much the same as its always been, however there are some differences in the layout and size of the Zodiac Legacy LRZ boilers, which mean its not a straight like for like swap anymore. For most "gas safe" fitters this shouldn't be an issue but you may made need to check dimensions since LRZ Zodiac Legacy boilers may be larger and not fit into what might be a tight space.

We've left our LAARS information below for now, but to reach the Zodiac Legacy LRZ pool heaters scroll to the bottom of the page.

Have some of the most reliable products in the industry. When you buy a Laars pool and spa heater - you buy quality, convenience and a name you can trust.

The Laars Jandy Lite swimming pool heater is a millivolt heater. Jandy heaters are suitable for Salt water applications up to 3500ppm. All Laars heaters use copper heat exchangers. Indoor Stack Kit supplied F.O.C

Laars Gas Boiler front view

Standard Equipment with Jandy Laars Swimming Pool Boiler:

  • Dual Hi-Limit Switches
  • Electric Diaphragm-type Gas Valve
  • Gas Pressure Regulator
  • Pilot Adjustment Valve
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Constant Flow Valve
  • Reversible Heat Exchanger
  • Water Pressure Switch
  • Fusible Link
  • Stainless Steel Burners and Burner Tray
  • Rodent Resistant Jacket
  • PVC Direct Water Connections
  • Storm Guard
  • Ceramic Fiber Combustion Chamber
  • Sealed Controls

LLG Features:

  • Precision Electronic Temperature Control · Millivolt Control System
  • 100% Shut-off Safety Feature
  • Safelight Matchless Pilot Ignition
  • Quick-Connect Terminal Strip for easy Remove ability

These prices only apply while existing stocks last

Natural Gas
Laars/Jandy Lite swimming pool heater 125 5 Inch 36.63 125,000


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Laars/Jandy Lite swimming pool heater 175 6 Inch 51.25 175,000
Laars/Jandy Lite swimming pool heater 250 7 Inch 73.25 250,000
Laars/Jandy Lite swimming pool heater 325 8 Inch 92.22 325,000
Laars/Jandy Lite swimming pool heater 400 9 Inch 117.2 400,000

Laars/Jandy Swimming Pool Boilers all come with draft hood.

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We would like to think these are the best prices you will find for a Laars swimming pool heater, if you can get one cheaper let us know we will try and beat or at least match the price seen. Remember we will always give you good after sales help & support with any heater purchased from us.

(Prices include VAT)

Pool Size & Shape
BTU Rating
12ft Diameter
15ft Diameter
18ft Diameter
21ft Diameter
24ft Diameter
18x12ft Oval
20x12ft Oval
24x12ft Oval
28x12ft Oval
28x16ft Oval
30x15ft Oval
33x18ft Oval



PVC hook-up. Easily connects to AquaLink® RS digital controls.


The efficiency of the Laars Lite2’s copper heat exchanger and Flo-ThruTM; baffles allow for efficient heat transfer, lowering your operating costs and extending your swimming season!


Weather resistant jacketing is designed for harsh wind and rain conditions. Vent cap further enhances performance in severe weather conditions.


LD model has self-cleaning, hot surface ignition which provides quick start-up every time and prevents "sooting" No burner tray removal required (LD) and igniter easily replaced with one screw.


Ceramic fiber combustion chamber (instead of fire bricks) contribute to a lighter weight and more compact design.


There are over a million Teledyne Laars swimming pool heaters installed world-wide. This heater has undergone over a year of rigorous field testing (15,000 cycles and environmental testing done to military standards).


Protects thermostats from corrosion or shorting.


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Laars Jandy flu and pipe fittings


Zodiac Legacy LRZ Swimming Pool Gas Heater

The atmospheric Legacy LRZ swimming pool boiler builds on Zodiac's long-standing tradition of excellence in gas heater design. Built to last and loaded with technologically-advanced, user-friendly features. Legacy heaters are an energy-efficient and economical heating solution.

Whichever model you select, the new Zodiac LRZ Legacy will provide years of dependable service. With the industry-leading 24-point quality check system, you can depend on Legacy's performance and reliability year after year, season after season.

Zodiac Legacy LRZ Swimming Pool swimming pool Gas boiler heater


  • The Zodiac Legacy LRZ Swimming Pool boiler is for indoor or outdoor use
  • Millivolt operation – no electrical connection required
  • Ceramic fibre combustion chamber for lightweight compact design
  • Copper heat exchanger and Fl o-Thru™ baffles provide efficient heat transfer
  • The Zodiac Legacy LRZ has stainless steel corrosion resistant burners

Simple diagram of swimming pool heater and pump configuration

We have now completely sold out of Legacy Boilers.

Please view our new website below for alternatives.

Pentair tempmaster pool boilers

Product Code
LRZ Boiler Description
LRZ125 Zodiac Legacy Natural 125 Gas Swimming Pool Heater (5" Flue) Sold Out
LRZ175 Zodiac Legacy Natural 175 Gas Swimming Pool Heater (6" Flue) Sold Out
LRZ250 Zodiac Legacy Natural 250 Gas Swimming Pool Heater (7" Flue) Sold Out
LRZ400 Zodiac Legacy Natural 400 Gas Swimming Pool Heater (9" Flue) Sold Out


H x L x W 92 x 67 x 38 92 x 67 x 46 92 x 67 x 57 92 x 67 x 81
Shipped Weight 98kg 109kg 123kg 157kg