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Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers

Stainless steel swimming pool heat exchangers

Your pool heat exchanger should be sized according to your swimming pool capacity, situation and boiler output. Architectural Stainless Swimming Pool Products Ltd are UK manufacturers of stainless steel
heat exchangers for swimming pools and are manufactured for 60, 100, 130, 170, 230 and 460 thousand B.T.U. maximum output.

Architectural Stainless was established in 1978, are based in Essex and supply products throughout the UK.

stainless steel heat exchanger


Bowman's Pool Heat Exchangers

Bowman is one of the UK's largest manufacturers of Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers.
Due to the recognition of an overwhelming market demand, Bowman’s range of Titanium Heat Exchangers are now available from stock.
There are two ranges of Bowman Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers, one for use with boilers and the other for use with Solar Panels/Heat Pumps.


Bowmans heat exchanger
bowmans solar heaters


Elecro Heat Exchangers

The Elecro multi tubular heat exchangers have been designed specifically for the heating/ cooling of all types of swimming pool, and are perfect for use in conjunction with gas or oil fired boilers, solar panels, heat pumps and chillers.

elecro pool heat exchanger