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Doughboy Liners

Above ground swimming pool liners UK


Doughboy swimming pool Liners Information:

Doughboy manufactures the best pool liners in the industry, pure and simple. Doughboy is the only above-ground pool manufacturer that is also a principle producer of virgin vinyl liner backed by an unmatched 100% lifetime warranty against seam failure. Our Doughboy swimming pool liners will fit in both 48” and 52” deep pool wall configurations.


Doughboy swimming pool liner features and benefits:

Special vinyl liner formulation manufactured by Doughboy to rigid specifications offer soft, flexible, top quality liners. All our Doughboy liners use exclusive Therma-Seal technology. This method provides all of our Doughboy liners with maximum durability and quality.

Doughboy liners are unmatched in the industry and we are so confident in them that we offer a lifetime guarantee for the seams of our liners.

All of our Doughboy liners use Virgin vinyl liner material which means that no reprocessed material is used for there production. None of our Doughboy liners will neither crack or split even at freezing temperatures! This is due to vinyl treatments to provide chemical and ultraviolet ray resistance.

Uniform Thickness, softness, and flexibility ensures maximum quality, liner longevity, and easy installation. No clay fillers used to add to thickness rating provides vinyl softness and pliability for more years of service.

Our Doughboy liners all covered by a 15-30 year limited warranty. The first 3 years of the liner warranty is covered 100% against manufacturer defects. The remainder of the warranty is prorated.


Doughboy UD plain Blue

Doughboy plain blue UD swimming pool liner


Doughboy Overlap Plain Blue
Plain Blue Overlap Pool Liner
Plain Blue Overlap Pool Liner
Plain Blue Overlap Pool Liner
Plain Blue Overlap Pool Liner
Plain Blue Overlap Pool Liner
Plain Blue Overlap Pool Liner
20 x 12ft
Plain Blue Overlap Pool Liner
24 x 12ft
Plain Blue Overlap Pool Liner
28 x 16ft
Plain Blue Overlap Pool Liner
32 x 16ft



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Please note a Doughboy pool liner does not have to be replaced with a Doughboy liner, as long as you provide the pool measurements and type of liner either beaded or overlap then you can choose from the variety of patterns on our other liner pages.

Doughboy expandable plain Blue

Doughboy expandable plain Blue swimming pool liner



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