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Certikin Sealed beam and quick change 300w 12v pool light

Certikin have a great range of swimming pool lights designed for both liner and concrete swimming pools. Certikin have been a market leader and you'll find these lights in the majority of swimming pools in the UK. Here at Jacksons Leisure we hold good stock levels of of all pool lights and accessories such as transformers, niches, deck box etc. If you require any help selecting lights for a new build pool or you're simply replacing an old light please feel free to give us a call. Also something to bear in mind when replacing your pool light is the LED pool lights which can help cut running costs of your pool.

Image shows: Sealed beam lights for liner pools

Image shows: Sealed beam for concrete pools


  • All complete Certikin swimming pool lights kits come with 1 x single transformer & deck kit.
  • Slim Light & Niche
  • Pool Light internal 'guts' can be installed in older style light niches
  • Corrosion resistant front plate inserts made of brass/nickel
  • Micallef style gland inside the niche prevents water entering the conduit
  • IP68 rated built-in gland on the light housing eliminating the need for hot melt compounds
  • Locating lugs and combi housing screws make bulb changing easier
  • Bulb life expectancy approx 800 hours
  • Threaded conduit fitting on back of niche to ease installation
  • Clip-on faceplate on liner light model to cover unsightly screws
  • Easy to secure cover plates to finish off concrete pool light
  • Vandal proof lens
  • Conduit may be required for new build pools, comes in rolls of 15 metres at £47 per roll.


Certikin standard sealed beam lights complete with transformer & deck box

Click here to view the Certikin Sealed Beam light brochure

Certikin sealed beam swimming pool lights


Certikin concrete underwater light c/w transformer & deck box


Certikin liner pool underwater light c/w transformer & deck box


Certikin sealed beam swimming pool lights pack of 2


2 x Certikin concrete underwater lights c/w transformer & deck box


2 x Certikin liner pool underwater lights c/w transformer & deck box


Components & replacement parts for Certikin standard sealed beam





300W 12V Underwater swimming pool light Guts c/w 2.8m Cable


300W 12V Underwater swimming pool light Guts c/w 5m Cable


300W 12V Underwater swimming pool Light Guts c/w 8m Cable


Concrete swimming pool light & niche


Slim' Liner pool light & niche underwater


Shuttered pool underwater light & niche


300W Replacement Bulb c/w O Ring

Deck Box

Transformer 300W, 12V

certikin pu8 300w swimming pool bulb


deck box for pool light


pu11s Certikin transformer for 300w pool lights






Certikin Quick-Change Swimming Pool lights
  • Certikin Quick Change Underwater lights are a revolution in under water light design and features numerous benefits for the pool builder and customer alike.
  • The lamp holder of the new light has no screws, nuts or bolts and is held in place with a threaded ring on a new purpose-made gasket. This means no tools are needed to change the bulb, thus reducing the bulb changing time.
  • The niche is now smaller in diameter and has an optional vertical and horizontal cable exit allowing greater flexibility of installation. The unit has been designed for use with the standard PU8 sealed beam bulb and Certikin’s PU11S transformer.
  • The niche can be fitted with a puddle flange for concrete swimming pools, has a lower front edge to aid in gunite installations and has as adjustable front cover ring to allow variance in tiling and screeding depths.
  • The liner version comes with longer 2" screws to suit different panel and one-piece pool thicknesses.
  • The Quick Change Light is supplied in a full-colour printed carton for maximum shop exposure.

Click here to view the Certikin Quick-Change light brochure


Certikin Quick-Change Pool Lights


Certikin quick-change concrete underwater light c/w transformer & deck box


Certikin quick-change liner pool underwater light c/w transformer & deck box


Certikin quick-change concrete light & niche


Certikin quick-change liner swimming pool light & niche


Certikin deck box (ip65 - jet proof)


Certikin Transformer - Ip65 - 300w, 12v, 400va