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Endless Summer Retractable Pool Enclosure


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Endless Summer Swimming Pool Enclosure

Enjoy the benefits of summer sunshine all year round. Endless Summer is an experienced British company who manufacture swimming pool enclosures which are specifically designed to suit our climate. A leisure and healthy lifestyle can carry on right through the chilly months. Enclosing your swimming pool in its own summer environment will ensure that the money you invested in your garden and swimming pool will be utilised instead of being idle for most of the year.

Healthy Lifestyle

With an Endless Summer swimming pool enclosure your family and friends can enjoy your swimming pool in Summer-like conditions. Your home will become your personal leisure and health centre. Swimming and water sports are acknowledged as being an ideal aerobic and non-impact activity. Keep your family fit and healthy while they have fun.

Environmental Control

A swimming pool cover enclosure ensures that you do not waste heat energy stored in the water from the sun or water heater. In addition to keeping the water at an ideal and comfortable temperature, the air temperature remains warm and free from draughts.

Purpose Made

The swimming pool cover enclosure is made up of a series of modular components which can be integrated to ensure that the pool enclosure can accommodate almost any pool shape, pool surround materials and any adjoining building. The flexibility of the design and its adaptability will respond to your most creative and imaginative plans.


By using an aluminium structure and acrylic glazing there is no danger of broken glass and a strained back. Smooth running and lightweight bays can be moved from partial to an enclosed position with very little effort. Do not compromise your family's safety on anything but the best technology can offer.


Our swimming pool enclosures are made from extruded aluminium sections to 6063-T6 and BS1474 specifications. British design and craftsmanship provide a unique structural system which can incorporate spans of over 13m.


The Metal surfaces of the Endless Summer swimming pool enclosure are coated with a velvet smooth finish in our popular standard colours of brilliant white, green and brown. Custom colours can be provided at an additional cost. The finish is applied in a number of spray coatings of a high quality powdered polyester. Total adhesion to all surfaces is achieved by using sophisticated electrostatic technology.


The roof sections of each bay are glazed with a high tech Makrolon long-life polycarbonate made by Röhm. This material has a cell structured double wall to ensure temperature stability. This is achieved by limiting heat loss and maximising internal reflection of heat in the enclosure. Mould and algae are dramatically reduced by using a 'no drop' coating which limits the formation of condensation droplets.

Side Walls

The side walls of the swimming pool enclosure are glazed in a clear acrylic sheet which is 6mm thick. This material is crystal clear, easy to maintain and very tough.


Sealing brushes, manufactured from antistatic nylon fibres, are used throughout the swimming pool enclosure to ensure that wind, dust, leaves, rain and snow stay outside.


Our folding concertina doors allow access to the swimming pool enclosure in seconds. In addition to these doors we can also include a specially designed internal door.

Rollers and Guide Wheels

Each swimming pool enclosure is fitted with large diameter rollers which fit exactly into the tailor made track. To further enhance the easy movement between the open and closed position, specially designed guide wheels link each element to the next.

Joining Spigots

Our joining spigots are designed to meet all loading stress requirements. We have used Aluminium spigots to achieve the highest possible strength.


Each swimming pool enclosure is anchored to the ground using an extremely strong and robust system. The system uses a quick release device which requires very little effort to attach and detach.

Fixed End Bay

The fixed end bay is permanently attached to the ground and is glazed with 6mm solid acrylic. Optional doors can be installed at this end to suit your requirements.


The table below shows some example of prices for different sizes of enclosures. Endless Summer swimming pool enclosures are custom built to your exact needs and prices will vary depending on the size and shape you require. Pricing includes transportation and installation.


Endless Summer Swimming Pool Enclosure


swimming pool cover enclosure








If you would like more information or a quote for an Endless Summer swimming pool enclosure please give us a call on 0151 334 0222.


The New Trackless Swimming Pool Enclosure

The New Endless Summer Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure

Endless Summer swimming pool enclosures, with their ability to quickly convert an outdoor pool to an indoor pool, have for a long time been the perfect answer to the changeable British climate but with new designs the permutations are even more endless.

New Trackless Design

The great benefit of these new swimming pool enclosures is that no floor tracks are required and the doors are hung from the top which means no door track is left on the floor.
Endless Trackless Swimming Pool Enclosure - Coming Soon to Jacksons Leisure UK

The spring loaded wheel system enables the enclosures to operate on almost any surface. Furthermore, the building easily slides back with single person operation.

The Choice Is Yours

Concertina doors at the end of the swimming pool enclosure allows them to be completely open at just one end. There is also an option of full height, side opening windows allowing the side of the enclosure to be opened without retracting the building. Handy if you have a prevailing wind direction.

Motorised Operation

Open and closing of the swimming pool enclosure windows can now be motorised. Motors are hidden from view in the base and use solar power to change the batteries. A remote control option is also available.

Robust Design

The Endless Summer swimming pool enclosures have an option of 8mm compacted polycarbonate (which is stronger than glass) in different shades; or single sheet toughened glass (walls only) or full 32mm double glazing, if the swimming pool enclosure is attached to a house. This option also makes the pool enclosure usable as a retractable cover for pub and restaurant patios. Extrusions are two and a half times stronger than most other manufacturer's pool enclosures.

The frame of the Endless Summer swimming pool enclosure is now available in an attractive new patina green as well as moss green and standard pearl white.

A spring loaded draft excluder accommodates different paving levels and keeps out leaves and other debris from the pool area.

A built-in gutter system keeps the rain water on the outside of the building.

The buildings all come with high quality lockable door and window furniture.