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SMEV Cookers Hobs Sinks Ovens for Caravan & Motorhomes

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Smev Product and Manufacturers Overview.

From original design and build projects, to refurbishing an existing galley or just improving your standard installation, look no further than the Smev range of equipment. Smev originally an Italian company is now owned and operated by the German-American company Dometic who acquired Smev in 2007. Equipment is still made in Italy by Smev who themselves were established 1978.

Dometic themselves owe their existence to the well known ‘Electrolux’ company whose origins were in Sweden in 1901. Electrolux established the Dometic Corporation in 1968 to market the companies products in the USA. Dometic then became the name of the company worldwide to market the leisure, marine and automotive products, with Electrolux itself subsequently returning to it’s core household products business.

Smev are renowned for market leading products in quality stainless steel. The range encompasses Full Cookers, Hob and Oven combinations, Ovens, Hobs, Sinks and Cooker Hoods as well as Hob and Sink Combinations.

Smev Quality.

Smev items are renowned for quality and appearance, and offer excellent life expectancy for the customer’s investment, as well as ease of operation. They are designed to stand the rigors of the harsh use associated with leisure vehicle activities and outdoor pursuits.

Complimentary Products for Smev from Dometic.

As well as the Smev branded products, Dometic also offer other brands owned within the group, well known is the Cramer range of Cookers, Hobs, Sinks and Combination units. There are also Alcohol burning Cookers, Combined Alcohol and Mains 240 volt Hobs, Ceramic Mains 240 volt Hobs, as well as 12 volt Cooker Hoods. Dometic also market the following brand names;- Waeco, Seitz, Heki, Tropicool and much more!


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The most efficient way of space saving in smaller galleys. The 9222 combination for example, provides an extremely compact depth of installation at just 370mm front to back and is available in left or right sinks. With top quality stainless steel pressings and separately opening smoked glass lids. The 8322 is somewhat deeper at 440mm and has a single lid only with a right sink. The Smev AC539 Tap, is designed to fit beneath the lid on all Smev Glass lidded sinks. The 8821’s are attractive single burner combinations with a smoked glass lid. The 911, 917, 921 and 927s are extremely compact two burner combinations, with varied sizes and configurations, some come with a choice of left or right bowls, and are quality stainless pressings without glass lids.

smev 9222 caravan and camper hob and sing with glass lids

smev hob and sink


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High-quality double-burner hob for versatile free-standing use. Quickly set up and stowed away. The single-burner built-in hobs in durable stainless steel are barely larger than an A4 sheet. Gas burners with safety ignition system.

SMEV PI909 2 burner caravan hob with piezo and safety ignition

smev single burner hob


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Pick the sink to match your on-board installation conditions. Round or square, in various dimensions, and with drainer, too. Sturdy stainless steel design of lasting value.

Smev single sink

Smev sink and draining board


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For all kinds of delicacies: nicely rising cakes or aromatic pizzas, juicy roasts or crisp chicken, grilled dinners or quick toasts. Completely equipped. For permanent installation.

Smev caravan ovens

Smev caravan motorhome ovens


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Two options for your on-board cooking centre: Pick the flush mounted hob, which is compact in size and convenient to use. Or straight away opt for the SMEV all-round unit for cooking, frying, baking and grilling.

Smev cooker oven

Smev cooker oven combo