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Caravan & Motorhome Taps


A range of Taps and Showers from Comet,Smev,Reich and Whale.

Available as Mixers and Single Cold with micro switches,

As well as simple pump action manual taps,

Can be mounted inside a unit with a pre pressed hole, (Check hole size!)

or in the Worktop.


V Pump MK 6 Vertical Self Priming Hand Pump

Flipper Pump MK 4 Self Priming Hand Pump

Whale caravan and motorhome V Pump MK 6 self priming hand pump

Whale flipper Pump MK 6 self priming hand pump for use in caravan and motorhome

  • Suitable for freshwater
  • Ideal where space is limited
    Angled spout + adjustable height
    Extended spout making filling of utensils easier
  • 8 litres (1.8 Gal) per minute
    Narrow mounting base allows installation for use between 2 sinks
  • Delivers a smooth discharge on each stroke
  • Useful as an emergency back-up pump
  • Swivelling outlet, ideal for use with two sinks.
  • Fine flow control
  • Light to & fro pump action
  • Suitable for fresh & salt water
  • 7 litres (approx 2 US Gallons) per minute
  • Hose 13mm
  • Maximum priming output 3m (10ft)
  • 5 Year warranty


Reich Trend A Mixer Tap (33mm Hole)

Comet Florenz Mixer Tap

The Reich Trend A caravan Mixer Tap has a 27mm hole size

Caravan Motorhome Comet Florenz Mixer Tap which is designed to fit Smev sinks

This elegant and modern tap offers an excellent price performance ratio. with a height of 40mm. High quality materials give a long operating life. With the modern, convenient handle water flow and temperature can be controlled.

The TREND A series can be used in kitchens as well as in washrooms, while different spout versions meet the requirements of the user.

Technical details:

  • Weight: approx. 150g
  • Cable length:* 600 mm
  • Max. pressure: 3 bar
  • Switch capacity:* 4 A

Dimensions of the Trend A mixer tap by Reich


Technical details:

  • Cable length 150m
  • Designed to fit 33mm installation hole
  • Designed specifically to fit SMEV sinks (but can fit others)
  • 12mm water pipe attachment


Reich Deluxe Taps (Matt Nickel)

Comet Novo Taps (Beige)

Both Reich single and mixer deluxe matt nickel taps for use is motorhomes

Beige Comet Novo single and mixer taps caravans and motorhomes

with vertically swivelling spout

This high-quality plastic tap with good price performance ratio has proved a success for many years. Due to its conventional style, water temperature and flow can be controlled precisely. Because of the small overall height of only 40mm, there will always be a possibility to install the DELUXE series, no matter how small the room is.

Weight mixer-tap: approx. 140g
Weight water-tap: approx. 85g
Cable length:* 300 mm
Max. pressure: 3 bar
Switch capacity:* 4 A





Plastic taps suitable for hot water up to 3 bar.
Adjustable spout and 3 amp microswitch for pump operation.
Straight hose tail connectors 1/2".
Colour Beige

NOTE: Colours may vary slightly in production






Reich Kama Mixer Tap

Chrome Reich kama mixer tap with 360 swivelling spout to be used in caravans

Reich kama mixer tap in white to be used in motorhomes

Dimensions of the Reich Kama mixer tap

with 360° swivelling spout

High-quality plastic material instead of brass offers enormous advantages with regard to the weight. With the KAMA tap series these advantages have been realised on a high quality level. Built like a common tap, the KAMA series with ceramic cartridge however is far lighter (only 260g). When necessary the ceramic cartridge can be exchanged without removing the tap. The elegant and timeless design harmonically fits into nearly every washroom and kitchen. It goes without saying that there is also a fine adjustment for temperature and water flow. The KAMA tap series is suitable for submersible pumps and pressure pumps. The KAMA series is available for installation holes with a diameter of 33mm.

Technical details:

  • Weight: approx. 260g (standard spout)
  • Cable length:* 600 mm
  • Max. pressure: 6 bar
  • Switch capacity:* 4 A





Reich Kama Shower Tap with Julia Head

Reich Kama Shower Tap with Duett Head

Julia head caravan and motorhome shower tap by Reich

Duett head reich kama shower tap for caravans and motorhomes

with pull-out shower JULIA, swivelling by approx. 90°

An important feature: low weight. Instead of brass, high-quality plastic material is used. The quality-level of the tap remains the same because, as common with brass taps, a ceramic cartridge is used. When necessary it can be exchanged without removing the tap. Reich provides a variety of different pull-out showers that make this tap adjustable to nearly every kind of furniture. It can be used in the kitchen as well as in the washroom, as the showers JULIA can be switched from “normal“ to “shower“.

Technical details:

  • Weight: approx. 890g
  • Cable length:* 600 mm
  • Max. pressure: 6 bar
  • Switch capacity:* 4 A

This single lever mixer tap, with pull out adjustable Duett shower head, ceramic cartridge and microswitch, is the perfect tap for the modern caravan and washroom. Available in standard 33mm installation stem diameter only. (Installation hole 36mm)



Whale Elegance Mixer Tap

Whale Elegance Single Tap

The Elegance caravan motorhome mixer tap by Whale

Elegance single Whale cold water caravan and motorhome tap

Ref: 350265


Ref: 350285




Whale Elegance Shower Tap

Whale Elegance Shower Bracket

Mixer shower tap Whale Elegance range for caravans and motorhomes

Shower wall bracket Whale Elegance


Ref: 350287


Whale Elegance series caravan and motorhome taps

Ref: 358839



Whale Single Lever Swan Neck Kitchen Tap

Caravan motorhome swan neck whale kitchen tap

Dimensions of the Whale swan neck caravan and motorhome kitchen tap

Ref: 881211