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Smev Spinflo Caravan and Motorhome Hobs Sinks Cookers and Combination Units


Advice on fitting you Hob and Grill combinations

All hobs and combination units are safety critical items and should only be installed by a competent fitter, these days a "Gas Safe" engineer (previously Corgi registered engineers) would be your choice. There will be cases were you can fit the units yourself in position, and then get the gas fitter to finish the job. We're also at the end of the phone (0151 334 0222) to give advice on any installation, we can often ring some of our customers who are van fitters or horsebox converters when we don't don't know the answer ourselves, bottom line is you want a safe job done. Most items are in stock stock and we ship next working day.

Our range is fitted by van convertersion specialists, horsebox converters and owners of Volkswagen T4 and T5 campers

Our caravan hobs grills and combinations could also be just as easily listed as motorhome hobs grills and combinations or horsebox hobs grills and combinations since customers requiring them for these purposes are amongst our regular buyers. Owners of Volkswagen T4 and T5 campervan's are also typical buyers.

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Spinflo Caravan and Motorhome Cookers, Ovens and Grills

Spinflo Duplex Oven and Grill

Spinflo Duplex

Spinflo Duplex Sliding Door oven

Spinflo Duplex Sliding Door

Spinflo Triplex Cooker

Spinflo Triplex Cooker and oven


SMEV Caravan and Motorhome Cookers and grills

CU333GTM Cooker

smev cookers

CU335GTM Cooker

smev marine cooker

CU433 Moonlight Motorhome Cooker

SMEV CU433 Moonlight Motorhome Cooker


SMEV Caravan and Motorhome Ovens

FO311GTB Oven


FO311GT Oven


FO211GTB Oven



Spinflo Caravan and Motorhome Hobs

Spinflo Topline Hob Series 160

Spinflo 3 burner Hob

Spinflo Basic Line Hob Series 340

spinflo cooker hob

Spinflo Basic Line Hob Series 330

triangle hobs


Caravan and Motorhome Hobs

SMEV PI8862L Hob with Glass Lid

smev 3 burner hob

SMEV-PI909 Hob

smev 4 burner hob

SMEV PI8062 Hob

smev 2 burner hob


SMEV Caravan and Motorhome Sink and Hob Combinations

SMEV MO9222 Hob & Sink

smev 9222

SMEV MO8222R Hob & Sink

smev 8222

SMEV MO8821 Sink & Hob

smev 8821


Spinflo Caravan and Motorhome Sinks

Spinflo triangle Line Sink

Spinflo triangle Sink

Spinflo Basic Line Sink

Spinflo Sink

Spinflo Argent Sink

Spinflo Argent Sink

SMEV Caravan and Motorhome Sinks

SMEV VA8005 Sink


SMEV VA936 Sink


SMEV VA928 Sink


Dometic CE 88-ZF + grill, 50 mbar

Dometic 2 burner and grill ref 88-ZF

Dometic 2 burner and grill

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