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Waeco Mobicool G35 AC/DC Cool boxes 35 Litre Thermoelectric camping and caravan Cool Box UK

Waeco Mobicool G35 AC/DC Cool box


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The Waeco mobicool G35 camping cool box is delivered on a next working day service

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Waeco Mobicool G35 Cool box
Gross Capacity (litres) 35


12 V DC, 230 V AC (220 – 240 V) / 50 Hz built-in adapter

High quality full foam insulation of polyurethane (K-Iso system)

Cooling Unit

4 A peltier cell with 12 V direct feed or built-in 230 V adapter, cooling max. 18°C below ambient temperature, heating max. 65°C

Temperature Range Up to 18°C below ambient temperature

Dimensions mm (L x W x H)

540 x 350 x 445

Weight (kg) 8.1 kg

Quality Features

The Mobicool G35 cool box is for car and indoor use with dual voltage system, auto-switch, integrated ABS active battery security, easy access door-in-door bottle compartment, works both upright and lying, cooling and heating function, fits 2-litre bottles standing, removable divider grid, fold-away side handles for easy carrying


Battery monitor

  • Enables auto cut-off at low battery & cut-in at normal
  • LED's Indicate Status
  • Cable length 1 metre
  • Cut-Off 11.6 Volts
  • Cut-In 12.8 Volts
  • Current 5 Amps Max



Waeco U32 12 volt cool box 12 volt plug

Power from 12-volt car battery

Waeco U32 12 volt cool box mains plug

or 230-volt mains

Waeco Mobicool U32 cool box other makes comparison

Design or production method cause uneven distribution of the foam, leaving horizontal areas and corners with thinner insulation.

Waeco Mobicool U32 cool box k iso system

Consistent thickness of the insulation with no gaps on corners and bottom of the container