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Avtex L185TR LED 24/12v tv
18.5" 12 volt LED caravan and motorhome television


Avtex 12v volt TV 18 inch screen

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Avtex L185TR 12/24volt Portable TV

Avtex 3 Year Warranty!

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Dimensions: Height - 328mm Width - 475mm Depth - 24mm

Avtex L185TR LED ultra slim 12v tv
Avtex 18 inch 12 volt television TV with Record

Avtex L185TR LED ultra slim 12v tv
l185tr Avtex LED TV

Avtex L185TR 18.5" LED 12v/24v TV

The slimmest caravan TV on the market?
The Avtex L185TR 12 volt led tv comes equipped with a cutting edge 18.5" LED panel, providing an incredibly slim unit. This means less weight, which in turn means more positioning options and makes it much easier to carry. We’re confident it’s the slimmest caravan TV on the market. With just a USB memory stick you can use record all your favourite shows using the Avtex L185TR’s Record to USB feature. Schedule times for recording from the electronic program guide (EPG) or use the instant record & pause live TV functions at the touch of a button. You can record approximately an hour of television per 1GB of memory available. You won’t have to worry about power consumption with the Avtex L185TR 12 volt led tv, as LED panels are renowned for their low power consumption. This coupled with innovations in internal DC circuitry on Avtex’s part mean the power consumption on these units is astonishingly low. No-one likes having to tune their television, it’s a frustrating obstacle that seems more inconvenient every time it has to be done. Fortunately, Avtex feel the same way, and their AQT One Button Tuning feature means that you can tune, number, name and store all available digital and analogue channels with nothing but a single button push on your Avtex L185TR’s remote. The process takes about 2 minutes to complete – just enough time to put the kettle on!


  • 18.5” widescreen LED panel240v AC / 12v/24v DC
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • AQT one button tuning system - ideal for touring
  • Pause / Playback live TV / Instant record to USB or HDD (not included)
  • Timer Record from program guide (EPG)
  • Dual (multi-standard) tuner – digital and analogueFreeview built-in
  • FM Transmitter (wireless surround sound)
  • VGA / PC audio input
  • HD READY, HDMI x2 input terminal
  • USB / SCART / Headphone sockets
  • Wall mountable - VESA standard
Avtex Ultra Slim LED 12 volt TV


Avtex Carry Case For L185DR/L185TR 18.5" TVs

Wall Bracket

avtex 18 inch LED L185TR TV

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A solid and good looking carry case designed to keep your L185TR TV or L185DR TV/DVD combination safe from bumps and scratches.
This case has a hard surface to provide resistance against any accidental knocks or drops and keep your Avtex intact!

Avtex Wall Bracket

Temporarily out of stock

The AK563 is a robust and well designed mounting solution which enables the Avtex 15"/19" LCD range to be mounted in a multitude of ways to suit your requirement. On a wall, under a shelf, under a kitchen cabinet even a ceiling or bulkhead, allowing the TV to be folded away when not in use keeping the work surface clear, then just pull down and swivel to the perfect viewing angle when you want to watch TV

TV wall brackets for Avtex 12 volt TV

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antennas and aerial for 12 volt TVs

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